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What Causes Depression? The Following Are The Four Most Common Explanations

the following are the four most common explanations

Depressive people vary widely from person to person and are frequently influenced by one’s upbringing and depression history.

Researchers have been searching for the root causes of depression for years, and they’ve created several theories on what causes depression, here are some of the following,


Genetic code is the most critical influence on the onset of severe depression. According to researchers at Stanford Medicine, approximately half of depression’s causes are genetic.

Despite the same terrible life event occurring to two people with two different genes, depression may strike one person while not striking the other. Distinct kinds of depression ­(like bipolar illness, psychotic depression, and dysthymia) may involve different genes.

Research reveals that if you have a parent or sibling suffering from depression, you are up to three times as likely to get the disorder. Aside from hereditary variables, it’s hard to say just how much of this is down to your surroundings.

Both are causes of depression, although their exact influence and relationship to one other are currently being explored. Whether or not you develop depression is likely to be influenced by a combination of factors, including both genetics and your environment.


Major depression is frequently accompanied by substance addiction (alcohol or illicit drugs). Comorbidity, or having two mental health disorders at once, is the term for this situation.

Major depression and substance misuse are linked, as evidenced by a significant body of evidence. While 17 percent of Americans generally experience depression, 30 percent of substance abusers and alcoholics have depression. Researchers suggest that roughly 27 percent of depressed people also deal with substance usage.

How does substance abuse induce depression? It can happen in several ways.

In the short term, getting high on alcohol or drugs can make you feel good. But after you sober up, you experience a “crash.” For example, you may be struggling with emotional anguish and stress and use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. Along with this may come:


Suffering from more depressed moods

You continue to use drugs and alcohol because they continue to bring relief. As your tolerance wanes, you’ll need to raise your dosage and frequency of use to avoid the lows.

Suddenly, the downward spiral begins. A withdrawal depression that lasts for two weeks or more is considered clinical depression. Psychological withdrawal, rather than physical withdrawal, has shown to be the most difficult for many former heroin users who have managed to overcome their addiction. Long-lasting consequences are possible. For several months, ex-users may experience severe depression, describing depressed symptoms like continual poor mood and anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure in ordinarily festive activities) (the inability to feel joy in ordinarily enjoyable activities).

If substance misuse is not usually a cause of depression, it can worsen the disease. Many people also resort to the substance used as a strategy to handle the discomfort of their existing depression.

Experiences in early childhood

It’s commonly recognized that certain situations in early childhood are risk factors for depression. This includes devastating occurrences like the death of a loved one or physical or sexual abuse. In addition to adults, children can also be affected if they:

What Causes Depression?

  • Experience neglect
  • Experience family conflict
  • Complain all the time
  • Grew up with a mom that has depression
  • Stress early in life makes you more susceptible to stress later in life.

Although it is difficult to undo the effects of these early experiences on the brain, it is feasible to do so. Psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on your childhood experiences and family dynamics, is one of the most successful treatments available. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can also help alleviate depression symptoms without the need for medications or intrusive procedures.

a Life-Changing Experience (Both Immediate and Prolonged)

If you’re already at risk of depression, then a significant life event can be enough to initiate the disease. Life-changing events that may occur soon include


  • A split from a relationship.
  • Loss amongst one’s relatives
  • Loss of Employment
  • A company’s inability to succeed.
  • Disaster-related loss of a home
  • a potentially fatal bodily harm

The process of becoming a mother (known as postpartum depression)

Experiencing extended periods of stress can also create symptoms of depression. Some examples of long-term stressful experiences include:

  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Health problems, such as a long-term condition, such as diabetes
  • The ailment that persists throughout the time
  • a relationship that is either abusive or harmful
  • Job-related stress

Depression may be more likely to set in if you’re dealing with two or more of these issues at once.

Do you have to be aware of What Causes Depression? especially if you suspect that genetics or some experience has made you more susceptible to it.

As long as you are aware of the root causes of your depression, you may take steps to prevent it or manage it when it cannot be stopped.

Whatever the source of depression for you, the essential thing to remember is that what you feel is accurate and it’s treatable. If you are experiencing significant depression and are looking for a therapy alternative to antidepressant medication, we’re here to help.

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