Sometimes, the best support comes from a four-legged Friend!

The world is in need of support, and humans aren’t the only one providing it! In fact, animals are more giving than human beings, keeping in mind how their naivety and pure intentions ensure they do not ask for anything in return. The time is right, get yourself a furry friend. It’s never too late to have a friend to go home to!


    Pets for Vets

    The world requires support, but what the world doesn’t know for sure is how supportive these pets are and they need to be saved too. Pets for Vets is a platform where we provide pets for those in need of a friend, therapist or support.

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    True Friendship comes in all forms

    My Labrador, Daisy, isn’t a dog for me. In fact, I do not believe I can ever name the bond we have.

    The Naïve Therapist

    While animals may not have a purpose in life for themselves, there’s certainly a reason they’re in this world.

    Therapy Dogs Might Just be the Support We Need!

    Any dog employed in a therapeutic setting to improve treatment outcomes is referred to as a therapy dog.

    There’s a lot to learn from dogs…they are major stress relievers and increase the happiness, joy and compassion so many of us have lost.

    Anyone who has owned a pet knows how affectionate and entertaining they can be. Aside from that, they are major stress relievers and increase the happiness quotient of their owners.

    Dancer – My Ultimate Support

    Dancer was always there, to support, to provide love, and apparently, he asked for nothing in return. The selflessness was uncanny, but true, and that is what led me to understand how supportive an animal can be! Dancer… this one’s for you!