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The telltale Indicators Of A Suicidal Individual

the telltale indicators of a suicidal individual

People often receive the news of suicide with sheer amazement. They testify for the fervor and ebullience of the person that took their life as if it all happened overnight. Suicide Watch and Wellness Foundation Organization after assisting countless helpless individuals who were on the brink of ending it for themselves can bear witness to the fact that reality is quite the contrary. Suicide is like a tempest that starts small but ends with unrepairable destruction. It starts with a small thought and ends up with the grave consequence of death. And though the symptoms are not very obvious they will surely register on the radar of those who are paying attention. In fact, honest attentions are the most basic remedy that you can offer to a suicidal person. With the number of suicides always on the rise, it is necessary that we make aware of the indicators of a suicidal person so that we can promptly assist in case we come across someone who has lost their way.

What To Look For When You Suspect Someone To Be Suicidal?

The following are behavioral changes that might help you identify a suicidal individual around you:

Erratic Mood Swings:

If you come across someone who has recently started to exhibit unpredictable mood swings and is displaying characteristics of untimely rage possibilities are that they might be struggling with emotional issues. Sit with them and ask them to share their ordeal with you if they are comfortable. If they don’t, alarm the authority or their important people who can talk to the person suffering.


Do you know someone who has once been a high performer and been ambitious and lively but is dull and lethargic now? People who display signs of hopelessness and discuss an uncertain future with no prospects might be considering suicide in their heads. Encourage them if you can.

Disturbed Sleeping Patterns:

Depressed people who might be finding it hard to sleep can be prospective suicide victims. Due to increased brain activity depressive thoughts often disrupts sleeping patterns. Suicidal individuals often sleep for hours on end and often stay wide awake for days.

Sudden Calmness:

If you see a person who was showing symptoms of erratic behavior and depression but has suddenly been composed and calm, they might have convinced themselves that suicide is the ultimate escape that will liberate them from unrelenting anguish.


People who have suddenly become reclusive and are often found avoiding people and friends are likely depressed or sad which is an obvious herald of suicide. Also, depressive or suicidal people might give up entirely on the activities they once enjoyed.

Changes In Behavior, Appearance, And Attitude:

People who are considering suicide might lose all interest in the way they appear. They pay less attention to hygiene and attire. They also start to act in manners that usually don’t coincide with their practice.


Recklessness and erratic practices in daily activity are a dead giveaway of a suicidal patient. People who are not interested in living anymore adopt careless practices like rash driving, substance abuse.

Recent Trauma:

Always attend to people who have suffered a recent tragedy and are in trauma. Leaving such people alone can lead them to cave in and contemplate suicide because they might not be able to cope with their trauma.

Discussing Suicide:

50% – 70% of suicide victims at some point slip in the idea of suicide in their conversation with friends or associates. They might bring in the topic of death quite often and might display a keen fondness for death-related discussions. We are not implying that everyone who brings death into the conversation might be considering suicide but it is likely that it is a possibility.

Winding it up:

Someone who might be considering suicide as a viable option might be trying to make amends and right their wrongs before ending it all for good. They might visit their relatives and draft their wills. Some might even go to the great lengths of cleaning their personal space and getting rid of possession.

Suicide is preventable. All we need to do is to pay attention and check up on those around us every once in a while. We should not be dismissive of people who are showing unusual behaviors. Suicide Watch and Wellness Foundation and Organization have made it their mission statement to raise awareness and save every individual that feels lost and forgotten. We diligently conduct Suicide Prevention Donation drives and conduct awareness programs to make sure that we equip as many people to aid in our noble mission as we can.


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