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The families left behind


We need to understand that suicide has been done by many people who have had fame and money in their lives, people such Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, and others. They all have one point have had everything we could want in this life but it isn’t enough, the demons of your past and present always haunt you. Suicide watch also discusses these issues in detail and can help you better understand what loss truly is for a person who commits suicide. Though they leave behind others as well, because someone committing suicide doesn’t just take his or her own life but also leaves a mark on the ones that call out your name

When someone decides to take their life, it’s a loss no doubt but the pain they leave behind never ends because most of the time there is always someone who has to be there to pick up the shattered pieces. Usually, those are the family members of the deceased. The people left behind have to carry the burden and the pain for the rest of their lives. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends many of whom blame themselves and always question why it happened the way it did, could they have done something? How they couldn’t see it.

These are people are also victims but most importantly they are survivors who have gone through a pain not many can understand. These people are ones who have seen the darkness that this brings and yet have a willingness to keep going. Events such as these either make or break you and what they need most is the support of others who at the very least can try to empathize.

Many of these survivors need a way to keep going, many do but there are also many who don’t. if you are one of those survivors, this is for you.

Its important for you to be among people who can be your shoulder, and you can usually find that in a support group because you don’t have to cope with your loss alone. There are support groups specifically for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Its important to realize that you don’t need to feel pressured to talk right away, do what feels right to you. If you choose to discuss your loss, speaking can give your friends and family the opportunity to support you in an appropriate way. Don’t be afraid to let your friends provide support to you, or to look for resources in your community such as therapists, co-workers, or family members. You may find it helpful to write your feelings or to write a letter to your lost loved one. This can be a safe place for you to express some of the things you were not able to say before their death.

It may be difficult but you must use the name of the person who has died when talking. Talk about them as much as you can as it will help you in your recovery process and can be helpful for others as it makes it easier to discuss a subject that is often stigmatized for other survivors.

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