True Friendship comes in all forms

My Labrador, Daisy, isn’t a dog for me. In fact, I do not believe I can ever name the bond we have. To name it would only be injustice, no set of words can completely describe the essence of it. When we think about dogs, we often think of how they require maintenance, attention and several other resources. While the only good part highlighted at times is how loyal they are. Honestly, my time with Daisy has only led me to understand how much more they are than what has been said about them. Dogs have the capability to feel what you’re going through, they can sense the anxiety, fear and trauma residing within you. Not only that, they possess the ability to do something about it.

Whenever I am upset, I barely move around. I confine myself within my room and ensure I am not in a situation to interact much with people. Daisy, on the other hand, instantly notices the change in me and lies beside me, comforting me by holding me, and giving me warm hugs. She looks me in the eye and in those moments, all I see is pure love.
Sometimes, the support you need is best given by a dog, rather than a human. Bad days are natural, and people go through it quite often. When I enter my room, after a bad day, Daisy observes it instantly. It’s good to have someone to go home to; someone who generally lightens your mood, and ensures emotional stability.
At worse moments, when I question whether my part in this world is necessary, Daisy reminds me of how important it is.
This beautiful four-pawed being’s whole universe revolves around me, and the support and love I receive from it is the purest of it all. I could never do that to her!
Research across the globe proves how animals, specifically dogs, have the ability to fight depression, anxiety and several other mental health complications.
Daisy isn’t a dog for me, she’s a blessing; the kind I’ll be grateful for eternity.