The Naïve Therapist

While animals may not have a purpose in life for themselves, there’s certainly a reason they’re in this world. Since generations of mankind ruling earth, animals have been observed as our source of protein and services. Within these roles, is a service quite underrated: Animal-assisted therapy!

Animals hold the power to treat our mental health issues, that too, by merely being themselves. Several mental health hospitals and clinics provide animal therapies where patients are asked to spend time with the animals, mainly a dog, cat, horse or birds, as they are proven to be confidence boosters and possess the power of emotional healing.

It’s true. Animals feel, and whatever they feel is never questionable. They exist with the purest of intentions, and if treated properly, devote themselves to us entirely.
Savana is a horse I often visited in the mental health camp. She was placed in an open cabin, for people to go and spend time with her.
Savana was calm, gentle and quite interactive. Animals can communicate you know, they convey us what they feel, what they want and their language is that of a new born baby. All we need to do is be open to listen.
I had recently lost my brother, and grief was taking its toll over me. I could barely function properly. The fact that he was gone, sometimes felt quite real, and other times felt as if I was simply in a nightmare crying to wake up.

However, Savana saved me from the storm within me, and she untangled the thoughts colliding inside my head. It was all too clear after I met her.
Whenever I visited the camp, Savana walked towards me, and placed her head on my shoulder. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. There were times when I started to cry, and it only made me feel better as the storm was gradually making its way out, maybe not forever, but certainly for a timeframe quite worth it.
I was astonished as to what this horse was doing to me effortlessly. This naïve being, was merely just existing around me, and the darkness consuming me was making its way out. Within no time, Savana became more than just a horse to me, and my curiosity led me to research a bit on why exactly was I transforming around her.
Turns out, some animals are actually natural therapists. They provide comfort, safety and emotional support; just the elements we require in times of despair.

Savana was unaware of the therapy she provided me, and this naïve therapist has since then become my friend, the kind I can rely on!